Proofs of Purchase

The following thoughts have filtered from a mind that has been oversaturated with images, screams, romance, text, and sounds since The Carter Administration. If you are not satisfied, then I recommend a double chocolate brownie from Starbucks with a tall bold of the day.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Lew Alcindor

Kareem Abdul Jabbar
You glide on in a car
Stride to the left
Duck right
Sky Hook
You're Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
You buy Coors at the bar
Dip, shake right
Head Fake
Jump Shot
You're Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Your Converse have one star
88 wins
6 rings
3 plaques
You're Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Harlem, New York
LA for life

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Wil Not Apologize

The Apology
The Apology
The Apology
Hold on
The Apology
Say What?
The Apology
The Apology
For why?
The Apology
Not a thang
The Apology
The Apology
The Apology
The Apology
The Apology
The Apology
Because of that
The Apology
Not quite
I will not apologize

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Old Tea Party Bags

To the last strike
Down and out
The Tea party digs in the Twitter Bowl
Last character and all
A skull filled with false entitlement
Birthed from the days of Michelangelo
Who painted their alleged superiority
When the fumes dripped into the blood of Constantine
Where ideas of Western Civilization were birthed
How slaves of yore were brushed off
With a sword then
They thrust a picket sign today
Threatened by pure civic duty
Once a pillar of sociological innovation
Daring today to project city regeneration
Instead of offbeat reparations
Like a vapid Alaskan vixen
To maximize reality
So that demographic economy
Can slow stock atrophy
Topical coverage of latent threats
To the nature
Of blatant republicanism
That runs from the Age of Aquarius
In a cloud of self-flaggelation

This Thumbtack

Sketch with chalk
Right to left
Fill the board like Bart Simpson
Etch a Sketch granules
Shake a thousand
Or three years of penance
Elliptical genius
An island like Revis
Concede this
As I crack your bone of femur
Fear this breath
Of comedy
Sire me
Slip your left arm in the sleeve
Part of mythology

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lower-Case Equities

Bricks of bond be
Fade to liquid
Ireland, see
South of Europe
Partly Cloudy
Acid rain drops
Singe the note leaf
Hairs on head thin
Follicles freeze
Feast or Famine
Glass is empty