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The following thoughts have filtered from a mind that has been oversaturated with images, screams, romance, text, and sounds since The Carter Administration. If you are not satisfied, then I recommend a double chocolate brownie from Starbucks with a tall bold of the day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Great Expectations

I remember we met up one night in the Bend
In debauchery
Out by the basketball rim
Off the rainy deck
The party started
It lasted for 17 years
I tried to let you go
In so many ways
I dumped you in Deutschland
I tossed the images
Digital and unconscious
Only to have them seep back into my skull
Only to have you come back like Jason to Crystal Lake
Siphoning my willpower
Through glasses and pints
A feast on the sciatica
A mellow after the feast
But I realized that you were really
Just a figment of my silly imagination
Kind of like many romances
That were created and dissipated
Not unlike matter
I don't need you
I never really wanted you
I was just easily tempted
These days, more tricks are necessary
Let's see what you have
I'm ready to battle

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