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The following thoughts have filtered from a mind that has been oversaturated with images, screams, romance, text, and sounds since The Carter Administration. If you are not satisfied, then I recommend a double chocolate brownie from Starbucks with a tall bold of the day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Old Days

Mystics from the Far East now calculate p/e ratios
Mystics from the Far East measure taxes on tea
Nomads from the Subcontinent play the flute
Before installing a network
Gandhi smiles from above, seeing his salt revolution
Take a digital reprise
The biceps of Putin flex with the scowl of Lenin and Stalin
The Kremlin spreads oil from the Siberian tundra to St. Petersburg castles
Oz bounces on the red plateau
And stops the Tasmanian Devil
The Motherland lives with persistent demons
Smiling to give rhythm, joy, harvest, and wisdom
The Amazon rainforest grows with vivid colors and Olympic pride
Ronaldo kicks stones through the slums, robbing fear from the hood
Pilgrims and colonists bite their thumbs
Worried that a classic sequel to Rome is in production

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