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The following thoughts have filtered from a mind that has been oversaturated with images, screams, romance, text, and sounds since The Carter Administration. If you are not satisfied, then I recommend a double chocolate brownie from Starbucks with a tall bold of the day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mount Osmium

Pop Culture needs black intellectuals
The world brims with 18-year old basketball prodigies
Decorated with soft drinks, Armani pinstripes, and Afro-European wonder
Flashed through the Clear Channel vocoder and ESPN plasma
Ralph Ellison gave up, on the black thought pool
Calling us invisible
My two negligible eyes see clearly
The brother on Sutter Avenue
Playing mixtapes of 1985
Live Run DMC walking that way to your earlobe
Heavy voices saluting Malcolm X
The X factor of Black Psychology
My eyes also see that one woman
Cascading on the West Village cobblestones
Pushing the stroller for little Joey
Not little Freddy
Because little Freddy needs money for his school field trip
To the Brooklyn Museum of Art
Where Zulu spears, Ashanti bricks, and Egyptian hieroglyphics
Answer the question
That one about black thinkers

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